Mushroom Picking Picnic 2019

/Mushroom Picking Picnic 2019

We finished off a successful Term 1 with another fantastic social event coordinated by our school – the annual Mushroom Picking Picnic in Belangalo State Forest. More than 300 people arrived to participate in our popular event and to support our school. We had the pleasure to see our long-time friends, past and present students and teachers along with their families and we feel proud and grateful to have such wonderful people around. We served 300 Polish sausages, 300 Polish doughnuts and, for the first time, nearly 200 portions of ‘bigos’ cooked by the talented chefs from Mazzaro Restaurant! While there were not that many mushrooms this year, we certainly had lots of fun catching yabbies, playing games, hunting for Easter chocoalte eggs and simply relaxing in the beautiful scenery of the Southern Highlands. We look forward to seeing everyone next year!


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