Meeting Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Medalists

/Meeting Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Medalists

On Saturday, October 23, we had the absolute honour and pleasure to meet with two incredible athletes, Paralympic Medalists, Alexander Tuckfield and Alicja Jeromin who both happily accepted our invitation after returning from the Paralympic Games in Tokyo. It was a very positive and inspiring event where Alexander and Alicja shared their stories with us, showed us their medals and answered all the questions our students had prepared for them. Alexander, a very talented swimmer from Sydney but with a Polish background and Alicja, an extremely experienced and successful Polish sprinter, both agreed that the key to their success is setting a goal, working hard and not giving up. It was a unique event, showing our students that there is no hurdle in life one could not overcome. At the end of the meeting, both our guests received a small gift from our students, a sport jersey in Australian and Polish national colours as a symbol of the beautiful Australian-Polish connection. We are especially thankful to Alexander and Alicja for taking the time to get to know our school community and we hope to be able to welcome them to our school again in the future.

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