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High School

The Polish School of Sydney opened a high school level class in 2016, allowing younger students (year 7 to 10) to continue their Polish language studies. The school management decided to form this class in response to requests from parents.

The high school class is a composite class and enrolments are accepted from students between years 7 to 10. There is a possibility that the class may be split into two age groups in the event that there is an increase in the number of students enrolled.

Continuing learning after year 10

New South Wales education guidelines stipulate that community language schools, like the The Polish School of Sydney, have the right to teach Polish at high school level, up to year 10. All students are registered with the Department of Education.

After completing year 10, students can continue their learning at SSCL centres, so that they can sit the HSC in the Polish language.

When do we meet?

Our classes are run every Saturday during the NSW school year. For term dates and public holidays please refer to our School Calendar for the current year.

School Day (Saturday): 9.00am to 12.oopm

Our curriculum

For more information about the High School curriculum please refer to the High School Curriculum

How to enrol?

For detailed information on the High School enrolment process please refer to the Enrolment Information page 

Continuing learning at SSCL

Our year 6 graduates can also continue their Polish language education at the following SSCL (Saturday School of Community Languages) centres run by The Department of Education:

  • SSCL Ashfield Centre
  • SSCL Chatswood Centre
  • SSCL Liverpool Centre

Each of these centres offers two learning groups: a junior class for students from year 7 through to year 10, and a senior class for students from years 11 and 12.

The SSCL is a public secondary school, which delivers face-to-face lessons on Saturdays in 24 languages. Classes offered by SSCL are free of charge.

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