Development of the Polish Language Program for Primary School Students

/Development of the Polish Language Program for Primary School Students

It comes with a great excitement that we announce that TPSS has recently successfully completed an extremely important project and developed a Polish Language Program for Primary School Students in Australia in following stages of learning: Early Stage 1 (Kindergarten), Stage 1 (Year 1&2), Stage 2 (Year 3&4) and Stage 3 (Year 5&6).

The project, within which TPSS has created and delivered a set of 28 booklets for two consecutive years of learning, was part of the Community Languages Multicultural Grants Program announced in 2020 and funded by the Department of Home Affairs.

The completion of this project provides the availability of high quality, contemporary and effective community language program for teaching Polish language in Australia in line with the new K-10 Languages Framework and the Australian Curriculum.

It is a significant step towards achieving a highly professional level of teaching the Polish language across Australia and we are proud to be part of it.

We would like to thank the Department of Home Affairs for sponsoring this very important project as well as everyone who has been directly involved in completing this enormous task.

The program, including the 28 booklets for classes K-6, will be available to all Polish schools in Australia and we invite anyone interested to contact us via email for download instructions.

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