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About the school

Welcome to The Polish School of Sydney website!

We are a dynamic and progressive Polish community language school located in Randwick, in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney.  Our school has been operating since 2004. We offer Polish language education at all levels and for all ages.

The Polish School of Sydney is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers for the benefit of the students, their families and the broader Polish community in Sydney.

Our school is one of the biggest Polish schools in Australia. Currently, there are over 130 students enrolled in our language programs.

Students are our priority. The school’s management makes every effort to ensure our classes are delivered to the highest standard and with a use of the latest teaching strategies and aids.

We are proud to employ a professional, highly qualified team of experienced teachers. Through their devotion and continuous professional development, our teachers greatly contribute to maintaining the highest educational standards at our school.

Our mission is to teach the Polish language, culture, traditions and history. We wish to demonstrate to our students that bilingualism and multiculturalism are fascinating and beneficial.

Classes at the Polish School of Sydney are a fusion of substantive and methodical education with a truly Polish, warm, family atmosphere.

If you’re interested in learning Polish, please explore our offer and the available programs.
All classes are run on Saturday between 9-12pm, during the school year.

Our mission

“The primary aim of The Polish School in Randwick, Sydney is to teach the Polish language effectively, so that our graduates can freely communicate in Polish both verbally and in writing.

It’s equally as important to us to promulgate broadly defined Polish culture. Our efforts focus on developing and maintaining Polish identity, strengthening the sense of connection with Poland and instilling pride in the Polish ancestry in our students. ”

The Polish School of Sydney Management

The Polish School of Sydney in Randwick aims to:
  • Support development and prepare competency in Polish as second language,

  • Support development of all four language skills in Polish: reading, writing, speaking and listening/understanding,

  • Allow students to gain knowledge and competency necessary to freely communicate in Polish at the highest level possible,

  • Strengthen students’ Polish national identity and pride in Polish ancestry through promotion of our patriotic values, and

  • Pass the Polish language knowledge, culture and history as well as develop awareness about everyday life in Poland and the opportunities resulting from being part of the Polish community in Australia.

Our main objectives

Students gain and improve their language skills so that they can:

  • Establish and maintain connections with other Polish people, as well as freely converse with them about a broad range of interesting topics,
  • Source, process and share information in Polish, and
  • Establish and nurture connections at school and within the Polish community.

Student gain language knowledge and awareness

  • Students gain language awareness about the role/function and structure/construct of Polish,
  • Students learn the Polish vocabulary, phraseology and grammar, and
  • Students gain and broaden knowledge on relationship between the Polish language, our community and the Polish culture.

Our students gain an awareness of the opportunities related to establishing closer connections with the members of the Polish community. They learn about the benefits of the coexistence of the Polish and Australian societies.
Moreover, our students gain knowledge on:

  • Specific aspects of everyday life and interest of Polish people and the community,

  • Richness Polish traditions and culture,

  • Polish history, and the history of the Polish community abroad, and

  • Polish historical figures, Polish literature and classical poetry, as well as Polish folklore, tales and legends.

Management Team

Our organisation is run by a team of three extraordinary women, who manage to fit this demanding task into their already busy career and family lives. Thanks to their leadership and devotion, the school is thriving and continues to foster and nurture the Polish language and culture here in Australia.

Alicja Magda Batorowicz
Alicja Magda BatorowiczSchool President
Alicja has been connected to the Polish School in Randwick since 2004, and nominated a School President in 2017…
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Gosia Vella
Gosia VellaCurriculum Coordinator
Gosia is the original founder of our school and she’s been teaching our students for several years…
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Ania Jacobi
Ania JacobiTeachers Coordinator
Ania is a highly qualified teacher with several years of experience in teaching modern languages.
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School Committee

According to the School’s Constitution, the affairs of The Polish School of Sydney are managed by the Management Committee. Our committee is re-elected every year by the parents. Currently it consist of the following members:

Function Member’s Name
President Alicja Magda Batorowicz
Treasurer Andrzej Bury
Public Officer & Secretary Alicja Magda Batorowicz
Curriculum Coordinator Gosia Vella
Head Teacher Ania Jacobi

School’s Constitution

Our constitution is a document that details the rules, regulations and guidelines governing the School and its everyday life. The School Constitution is a legal document and it’s only available in English.